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Oh boy oh boy i am going to do this *takes breath* well i started in December 2011, I dont remember how i got on this site really.. i think it was a friend of a long while back or so i  dont know or i found it myself =P anyway, I had a classmate who could really draw well and i asked if i could sometimes get a sketch just to upload it here and so i did, I got in contact with a few people on deviant real fun and such. I also met a girl Who Had the name ''candy-xx'' some might know her, and also fraijuu it was a great time. I had my first rp with her, I used to just use a person like sonic in the rp. After being a while on this site i saw all types of furries and i was intrested about what it was so i looked what it was. And it was all fluff and aWWAHAH <3 so yeah long story short. I got a furry myself and I made my first OC firefox. It was really awesome because she had allie and they got in the most fun stuff. I felt abit low that year so it was really great i got somebody who i could write my feelings away with. But like (almost) everything in life that also ended. Real painfull for me ... and i had to **** excuse for that. Story short.. i had kind of a close relation with candy, Suddenly she acted real weird and got with somebody else but .. not like friends anymore. I got kicked out of all the chatrooms and it was just so painfull. I tried to mail this fraijuu about 10 times but she kept ignoring me so well.. i was all alone now on deviantart Because they where pretty much my only friends. I felt so hopeless because they where like everything to me at the time because my best friend just left school so i also was alone at school. I got mildly depressed and well almost got smoking there, (this is going deep just sec) (1 min later back, lets go again). I didnt had contact with them for over 2 months atleast, I tried to forget them. So I took allie with me on my account and made rp's with myself about her and firefox. Like you might see in my uploads i also got a loooot of them because that was the only way how i felt abit happy. knowing they atleast kept together because lets just say rp's mean alot to me, especially when it was my first rp friend where i rp'd with for quite along time. Then i was like ''lets try an rp journal i see others do it...'' so i made a rp journal and, well about 5 people showed up and asked for a rp. I was like ''yay it worked maybe i can made a new friend like this''. Three of them ever mailed me back after my first rp reply, Oh well. there was a boy who i forgot his name and a girl ambersonic96 here on deviantart. the guy's rp was pretty fun -^^-  but sadly ended because he deactivated without saying ;(. I kept rping with this amber and it was actually really fun, I also talked later on about what happend and such here around me and how i felt (depressed) it was nice to talk to somebody who was real nice, and just caring and doesnt just leave you what got me out of my sadness :). I finely got mail from this juiciies on her account. She was sorry and after asking 200 times real mad and pissed what happened she did it because this candy told her she shouldnt talk to me because I said something mean and she f***** just did that FOR MONTHS AND I HAD TO EXCUSE MYSELF!?? still mad about this sh**.  (wooow this is getting a long story :heart: =P ) So after a few months I got her skype and wel.. that escalated slowly and well. Now we are pretty much best buddies and she knows everything about me =^^= . And well.. thats pretty much how it is to this day -^^- i pretty much only rp to her because all the persons i rp'd with are gone. just .. they dont awnser.

That is all in a big nutshell <3
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if you maybe please donate some points :hug: i make my art with love 1 point make me happy already ^^ :hug:

i like to thank you for youre time and maybe your point :hug:

Ps amanska's amount was mine. long story short was all minemineminemine=P

yay :dummy: we got over the 100 points :dummy:

YAY we did it :party: 200 points

update: siilleeent hiiiilll over here :I

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i'm timska but you can call me timska XD i'm a real Silver the hedgehog fan i love making art and making friends :hug:

i found out the id is from TamaratheT thanks for that bro ^^

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